Wrapped in Well-being


Wrapped in Well-being necklace....

This necklace is about positive energy, well-being, the warmth of the sun balanced by the softness of the moon. It’s about feeling safe, and warm, and good. The pendant is one I found at a local gem show that I have paired with an 18 inch sterling silver chain. It combines 10 peridot stones (courage, self-worth, generosity, abundance, well-being, and bringing physical reality into alignment with your inner truth), with a central piece of moonstone (intuition, inward journey, mystery, Divine Feminine energy), and a large chunk of lemon quartz (an energy enhancer). Because of the peridot, it is also excellent in helping overcoming blockages in the ability to receive, as well as being an excellent piece for Earth healers as it helps connect with the frequencies of the subtle realms of nature.