Women’s  Intuition


Women’s Intuition bracelet...

We come from a culture where we are raised to value the rational mind, but not our deeply intuitive side. We are taught to shut that part of ourselves down, we are taught to ignore those “irrational” messages that come to us because they’re not based on logic or obvious information. But our gift of intuition is one of the greatest gifts we possess. It’s what connects us to the unseen world of energy and information not readily perceived by the 5 senses. It allows us to know the right path to choose, to know when something’s wrong even when our eyes and ears are saying “no, this person seems okay,” or “there’s nothing wrong with this situation” or to know just the opposite when everyone around you is saying not to trust. A deeper part of us knows... It’s time to start listening to the messages that are coming from deep within. It’s time to begin to trust that part of yourself as the WISEST part you have.

The bracelet contains knotted leather; mixed metals, sterling and fine silver beads and spacers and rings, and 14k gold-filled rings and spacers (bringing a balance of sun and moon energy); and semi-precious gemstones. The stones include amethyst (intuition enhancer, and connection with guidance from Spirit); sugilite (healing, purification, and protection against negative energy, an energetic cleanser, and a doorway to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision); flourite (helps absorb and neutralize negative energy, and helps in decision-making); moonstone (intuition enhancer), freshwater pearl (soothing to the emotions, and a connection with the moon); and shades of purple Swarovski crystal.

7 inches when clasped