Wish Upon A Star


Wish Upon a Star bracelet...

For all the wishes you’ve made upon stars, wishing with all your heart for a miracle to happen, something beyond rational probability, beyond the law of averages. Because SOMEtimes it happens, so why not for YOU?? This bracelet celebrates the power of your heart to overcome adversity, and to find love and joy in spite of it.

It contains a pink sapphire (a gentle stone that is used to help release heal and old emotional wounds, it helps resolve emotional blocks by bringing in forgiveness and acceptance that will allow you to move forward); rose quartz (a strong heart energy stone, a sweet feel-good stone about love-love-love, including self love and acceptance); freshwater pearl (calming and soothing to the emotions); cherry quartz (an energy enhancer); dyed pink and peach coral (strong and protective “Mother” energy, and brings in the energy of the vast, wide, and deep ocean, an energy that women are deeply connected to); rhodonite (another heart energy stone, also carrying the energy of recognizing and bringing forth your own unique gifts and sharing them with the world for the higher good, it takes the energy of the heart and is an outward manifestation of it in the way you live and work); and various shades of pink Swarovski crystal. There is also knotted leather cord, and various beads and spacers in sterling and fine silver, including a heart and several beads in fine silver handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. Central to the bracelet’s theme is a sterling silver ring that says MIRACLES, with a star and heart hanging from it; and a dangling sterling silver heart charm at the clasp saying JOY.

Whether your miracle has already happened and blessed your life, or whether your heart is being called upon to find the miracle in your situation despite the circumstances that challenge you, this bracelet celebrates the strength and resiliency and positive energy of your heart, and it ability to find joy even in face of difficult struggle. For all the wishes you’ve made upon stars...

7.75 inches inside when clasped