When Pigs Fly


When Pigs Fly bracelet...

There are two themes in this bracelet. The first is represented by the sterling silver ring that says LAUGH. It’s about not taking things personally, especially other peoples’ perceptions and actions. The only time you should take other peoples’ crap personally is when pigs fly. So the flying pig charm next to the LAUGH ring is a reminder of that. The key is being able to find the humor in any given situation, and since a sense of humor is one of your strong suits, make sure you put it to good use! Bad things will always happen, and there will always be jerks (with bad taste) who don’t like you. Oh, well....  If you can step outside your immediate  emotional reaction, and find some humor SOMEwhere in the situation, it’s what will keep you out of “victim” mode, and keep you from getting stuck in a mental/emotional downward spiral.

The second theme of the bracelet is about replenishing your energy so that you avoid complete exhaustion. It’s about energy replenishment, growth & renewal, and The Bigger Picture. Amethyst and Angelite are about trusting your intuition and higher guidance to help you get out of the personal and into the Bigger Picture view of things. Freshwater Pearl is about soothing the emotions. Peruvian Blue Opal is calming, with a soft and gentle energy that helps to calm a “chattering” mind, gently helping to reduce internal resistance. Apatite is a wonderful stone to help become aware of the deeply rooted patterns you carry on a soul level, so that you can clear past influence from this. Turquoise is a master healer, and a “purification” stone. It’s about wholeness, truth, and integration of life experiences. It’s excellent for depression and exhaustion, helping to restore balance and stabilize mood swings. Amazonite helps to connect you with joy, upliftment and creative expression, as well as helping to sooth the nervous system. It brings clarity about and then helps to release one's harmful tendencies. It is a "truthteller and peacemaker" stone, helping you to communicate your true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalizing, but coming more from the heart. Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart which helps to heal feelings of separation and isolation by teaching of the interconnectedness of all things. Chrysocolla carries divine feminine energy, and is a powerful communication stone. It teaches the combination of gentleness and power, encouraging one to speak one’s highest knowledge, owning the value of one’s experiences, knowledge and contribution. Zoisite radiates the energy of fertility and growth, bursting with life force. It aids us with healing, and teaches us to enjoy the moment. It also carries a powerful sense of Divine support. Aventurine assists with vitality, growth and confidence. It is a stone about optimism and a zest for life, and helps you come into alignment with your center. It carries the energy of spring bursting forth after a dark and difficult winter, and aids you in taking life's ups and downs in stride, with humor and lightness. Peridot is also about growth. It brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healing of all kinds. Peridot’s energy helps you to understand the changes going on in your life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible. Sugilite is about healing and purification. It protects against negative energy, and is an energetic cleanser; and it’s a doorway to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision. Sterling silver mirror balls remind you to see any situation from many different perspectives (at least one of them is bound to be funny!...). And finally, the inclusion of both silver and 14k gold filled nuggets creates a balance of female and male, moon and sun.

A sense of humor is impossible to find from a completely exhausted, depleted place. So make time every day to rest, and replenish your energy. Every bit of self-care sends the message to yourself that you are worth being a priority. And you will be in a much better position to take care of other people when you are coming from a place of being full-to-overflowing, and able to laugh at the absurdities around you.