Welcoming Heart


Welcoming Heart bracelet...

(this was a commissioned piece for someone during pregnancy)

One of the biggest spiritual lessons of the heart is learning to embrace change. It's not an easy thing, because most people fear the new and unfamiliar. This means overcoming the fear of change with courage. That's where the heart comes in. So "Welcoming Heart" means two things here. It means to have a welcoming heart -- welcoming the big change that's entered your life, and embracing it with a courageous "Yes, I can do this!" It also means welcoming the new heart that now beats within you, along side your own. The handmade Hill Tribe heart that dangles at the clasp symbolizes these meanings. The bracelet also contains a lot of rose quartz, which provides a soothing, feel-good, heart-centered, loving energy. Pink coral which is delicately feminine and carries the energy of the ocean, which is a symbol of the deep and shifting power of the female. Carnelian carries life-force, as well as creative and procreative energy. Cherry quartz is also a stone of the heart. Pearl calms and soothes the emotional body. Moonstone helps to activate our feminine intuitive capabilities and wisdom. And last but not least, two faceted ruby rondelles, one for you and one for the baby, and a smaller ruby above the heart charm. Ruby is a stone containing life force energy, courage, passion, adventurousness. And the sterling silver daisy spaces and infinity clasp carry deeply feminine energy as well. Live your life fully, with courage, and with an open and welcoming heart.


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