Water From Fire


Water From Fire necklace...

Larimar is one of my favorite stones at the moment to work with and to wear. I bought a few pendants from a larimar  dealer from the Caribbean, and frankly I'm having a hard time letting go of them! This is the first one I've put up for sale. Larimar is a rare and exotic gemstone found in only one geographic location in the world -- inside the crater of one extinct volcano in the Sierra Baoruco mountain range on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. It’s wonderful because it contains such a profound calming, cooling, and healing energy for something being born from such great fire energy. For that reason, it's an excellent stone for helping to calm excess anger, fear, or anxiety. It facilitates a profound return to balance.  Please note that this is not a necklace that I made by hand, other than choosing a delicate twisted silver chain to pair with the beautiful stone and spiral pendant (the back of the setting is open so the energy of the stone comes in contact with the skin - see photo to the right). But like all my pieces, I work with it energetically to direct a specific healing intent for the specific person that will be wearing it.


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