Walk In Balance


Walk In Balance bracelet...

This bracelet is about walking in balance in life. Honoring both the Spirit within us as well as the amazing gift of our physical body that houses the Soul. Turquoise is a stone of truth, wisdom, and wholeness, which brings healing to the physical body. It brings in the energy of Father Sky. Red coral brings in the complement of Mother Earth, the divine feminine, and adds gentle protective energy. The freshwater pearl has a soothing influence on the emotional body, while adding fullness and calling in the moon; and the 22k gold vermeil bead adds the balance of warming sun energy. There is a mix of silver and gold metals, yin and yang, with 14k gold-filled rings, wire, and spacers; sterling and fine silver, including handmade Hill Tribe silver beads and dragonfly (a symbol here for walking in balance with the natural world), a larger lobster clasp, and a sterling ring with the word BALANCE, and finished with a laser-cut silver Indianhead nickel charm symbolizing walking in balance as a way of life.


Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece: 310-967-1336 or allyson@thetotalhuman.com