Wade In the Water


Wade In the Water bracelet...

This is the WATER piece of “the element series” of bracelets. Like it’s sister bracelet, FIRE, the movement of this piece is absolutely beautiful. The way the stones and crystals (in all the varying shades of blue) shift as you wear it, it looks like sunlight dancing off of a flowing stream. It was created with a handmade Hill Tribe printed link bracelet in fine grade silver as the base.

The stones included all have to do with healing, communication skills, speaking the Truth, Divine guidance, female intuition, connection to the moon, goddess energy, soothing the emotions (which women are highly connected to and which are associated with the element of water), and connection to Spirit. They include turquoise, lapis lazuli, amazonite, chrysacolla, sodalite, Peruvian blue opal, quartz, dyed blue freshwater pearl, glass, and Swarovski crystal. The head pins and daisy spacers used to attach the stones and beads are sterling silver which carries a strong female energy, and a connection to the energy of the moon. And the sterling silver charm that dangles at the clasp represents the movement of the tides in the ocean.

Wade In the Water is about stepping into the flow of life. Letting go of the sides of the bank and putting yourself right in the middle of it all. Surrender to the flow of life. Pick up your feet and let it carry you on an adventure. Like the lyrics of the song Wade In the Water... “Oh, step in, step in... joy is in the water... love is in the water... oh step in for your deliverance... everything you need, in the water...”

The chain is originally 7.5 inches laid flat, but because it’s so dense with so much attached, it will fit a wrist up to 7 inches or just slightly over.


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