Visionary Truth


Visionary Truth bracelet...

Okay, so sometimes it’s hard to know whether what we see in our mind’s eye is the picture of what we want to see, or whether it’s the picture of the truth without our desires intertwined. This bracelet is designed to help strengthen the combination of intuition, visionary guidance, and the discernment that is crucial when separating “incoming information” from our egoic needs. One of the multi-medium pieces combining leather, silver (strong feminine energy), and semiprecious gemstones -- this bracelet contains Sugilite (a preeminent stone of healing and purification, it provides exceptional protection against negative energy, a powerful “energetic cleanser,” good for people who tend to be sensitive to their environments and can easily absorb the negative energy around them, and it’s a stone connected to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision); Lapis Lazuli (“the stone of kings,” carries the energy of expanded intuition, the opening of the third eye, spiritual guidance); Amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms, it is also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage); Apatite (a powerful third-eye stone, helping to activate inner vision, it’s a wonderful stone to help become aware of the deeply rooted patterns you carry on a soul level, so that you can clear past influence from this and other lifetimes); Chrysacholla (a stone of the Goddess and carries the energy of exceptional communication abilities on many levels); Amazonite (a stone of harmony and peacemaking, it stimulates the heart, activates the throat, and enhances communication; also a “truth-teller” stone, it helps you get in touch with and integrate your own deepest truths, and hold strong within them in the face of whatever life throws at you); Turquoise (a stone of wisdom, healing, and wholeness); and Peruvian Blue Opal (a calming stone, healing to the emotions, it helps to calm and center the mind, deepen meditation, and helps to facilitate the spiritual understanding of difficult life experiences of the past).

It also contains a great deal of silver: sterling silver beads and spacers, ss swiveling lobster clasp and twisted ring, as well as a sterling silver ring that says VISION; and also some fine grade silver beads and a handmade Hill Tribe dragonfly in fine silver (representing the shift from illusion to Truth).

Heal the unfinished business of the past, and you will remove the old “filters” that block you from seeing the truth more clearly.          

7.5 inches