Venus bracelet...

Ah, Venus, the goddess of love. And the planet associated with love and connection, and also associated with women because women come from a place of heart-centered connection (when we’re in balance, that is). This bracelet is made of Peruvian blue opal beads, calm, soothing, and meditative; and unusual pieces of faceted marble, reminding us of the beautiful statues celebrating the female form, celebrating the glory of the feminine. Marble was often used for statues not just because of it’s incredible strength, but also because of the way light is reflected within it, so that it seems luminous from within. That describes us (women) pretty well, don’t you think? Incredibly strong, and luminous within?... The combination of these 2 stones, with the lustrous marble and the soothing Peruvian blue opal, create a piece that personifies a state of grace.     7 inches