Unlocking Your Heart


Unlocking Your Heart necklace...

None of us goes through life without encountering some amount of pain and disappointment and sometimes a broken heart. It’s all part and parcel of this experience we call Life. Unfortunately, we often begin to close our heart in the face of these trials. “Locking” it away so that we “won’t be hurt again.” Protection becomes our habit and we walk through our days with our heart closed, and “safe” (or so we convince ourselves), becoming more numb every day to the world around us. Because the reality is that when we shut our heart off from feeling pain, it’s also unable to truly feel love, to truly feel joy... to FEEL our life as we live it.

The key is to stop fearing being hurt. Just know that sometimes you will be, and move through it gracefully, allowing the experience to OPEN your heart more, and to INCREASE your ability to feel compassion. Be fully present in that experience, knowing that in doing so you also enable yourself to feel the joy in your life on a deeper and more profound level. You don’t get one without being willing to experience the other.

This entire necklace is sterling silver, which carries a

very female energy, and carries the energy of the moon

(which works with our heart). It is a very solid sterling

silver chain, with a nice weight to it; it feels good on.

The toggle clasp is off center in the front, with a silver

key and silver lock (embellished with a heart) at the center.

18 inches, lock pendant is 1.25 inches

Unchain your heart! Unlock it and let it out for some air.

Go ahead and wear it on your sleeve! There’s a much

better view from there anyway...


Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece:

310-967-1336 or allyson@thetotalhuman.com