Unique and Fabulous You


Unique and Fabulous You  bracelet/necklace....

This bracelet/necklace was inspired by the Zebra, the queen of unique! No two are alike. There’s nothing shy and retiring about zebra’s style. It’s bold and it’s brassy. But the interesting thing about zebra is that it can blend into the crowd when needed. If there’s lion nearby, zebra uses it’s stripes, in cooperation with the others in the group, to build a moving wall of pattern that confuses the lion. It’s a great lesson to learn from zebra, that we don’t have to lose our individuality and style when threatened or afraid, but learn to use our style to our advantage. As well as another great lesson about how to best play with group dynamics and cooperation. (And when all else fails, zebra has one hell of a kick -- even against a lion!).

Pearl (elegant, female energy, soothing to the emotions); Obsidian (gentle journeying into the depths of yourself); black-webbed Jasper (comforting and protective); and Tourmalinated Quartz (the tourmaline inclusions are grounding and protective against negative energy and the quartz is a powerful energy enhancer). With sterling silver daisy spacers, a ss lobster clasp, a ss zebra charm, and a ss ring that says FABULOUS (because you know you are. You go, girl, you sassy thing!  

16 inches  -- Can be work as a bracelet or a necklace


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