Triple Moon


Triple Moon bracelet...

White blue and silver are the quintessential “moon” colors - calming, soothing, cooling in nature. There are 3 shades of blue Swarovski crystals used in this piece. Each strand of the bracelet incorporates alternating blue Sw. crystals with Moonstone which helps activate intuition and enhance dreamtime. In the center of each strand is a large freshwater pearl sitting in between faceted clear Quartz beads (energy enhancer). The Pearls are calming and soothing to the emotional body which is intricately connected to the moon’s constant and shifting cycles. The 3 pearls are slightly staggered the way they lay on the wrist, one moving to the next in sequence. This is to reflect the 3 major phases of woman: Maiden, Mother, Crone (Girl, Woman, Elder). Each cycle is glorious and different from the others, and each carries it’s own power. The sterling silver ring that says GENTLENESS refers to the gentle quality of the moon’s energy, and to the gentleness that’s necessary in the process of opening and receiving (lessons learned from the moon). The large white bead at the sterling silver lobster clasp is mother-of-pearl (feminine, carrying the energy of the ocean). The pearl and the mother-of-pearl together in this necklace once again reflect the theme of generations of women.

This bracelet celebrates the totality of a woman in all her glorious phases. Celebrate the one that you are in, knowing that you never lose the ones of the past, and there is always more beauty and power and wisdom to experience in the next.     7 inches


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