Tis the Season


Tis the Season To Celebrate! bracelet...

I keep holiday lights up year round now, for no other reason than because they’re so joyful to look at. The colors make me incredibly happy. This bracelet is a reminder that every season of the year is the season to CELEBRATE! Celebrate every moment (even the difficult times are gifts because they make us appreciate what we have). Celebrate the beauty around you, because there’s always beauty around somewhere if you can look past the obstacles. Celebrate your life because every single moment of it is a gift.

This bracelet is made with a hand-stamped chain and toggle clasp in fine silver, handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. Connected to the silver bracelet are an overflowing of large, multi-colored, brilliantly-shining Swarovski crystals. It’s sparkling and festive, dances in the light, and is meant to be worn ANYtime of the year!

7.25 inches