There’s No Place Like Home


There’s No Place Like Home bracelet...

The concept of "home" really has very little to do with square footage, or how many bathrooms or bedrooms you have. HOME is where the things you love reside, it's where your heart resides. This bracelet is a reminder, when life gets overwhelming, to stop, and breathe, and look around you and really SEE the things you love that are surrounding you, wherever you happen to be. You will know you are home. The bracelet contains 2 faceted rose quartz beads, a heart-energy stone, with gentle and expansive energy, a feel-good, love-love-love stone. Freshwater pearls are calming and soothing to the emotions, and are largely divided into groups of 5 here to represent the 5 people who live together under your roof. Faceted garnets are said to ground your dreams into physical manifestation. The 3 garnets on the thinner strand represent the 3 children you have physically manifested and now love and guide. The 4 garnets on the bigger strand represent the 4 adults that have manifested into your local family. Garnets have long been said to help ease melancholy, and enhance prosperity, faith, and truth. According to the Talmud, the only light on Noah's ark was provided by a large garnet. So the garnets are also a reminder to you of the Light you carry on your very own personal traveling Ark/Home. There are tiny sterling silver chunks (strong feminine energy), and a large sterling silver lobster clasp which hooks on to a sterling silver ring with the word LOVE on it, where a little heart charm, one extra garnet, and a sterling silver mirror ball hang, reflecting the light. Finally, in the center of the bracelet is a faceted ruby rondelle. Ruby is a stone of the heart, of courage, of adventure, of passion for life. (Not to mention a reminder again of your children, one of whom carries this name...) Remember, when Dorothy made her journey in Oz, it was the ruby slippers that she clicked together and said "There's no place like home, there's no place like home..." and it took her straight to the place and the people she loved; and it turns out that had always been possible for her to do at any time... wherever she stood. Ruby will take you home, home to where your heart is.


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