The Tao of Laughter


The Tao of Laughter bracelet...

Tao is a term meaning The Way, as in the pathway, usually on the way to enlightenment. It denotes balance, harmony, and universal truths. This bracelet is about the Tao of Laughter, because laughter and humor are often overlooked as an important aspect on the path of spiritual growth. But laughter/humor is a powerful and vital way of being in the flow of life! Opening to laughter means opening yourself to finding the humor in a situation. Laughter opens the heart, and what greater power is there in transforming your life than opening your heart? Laughter, especially being able to laugh at yourself, keeps you from taking yourself too seriously in this grand adventure that we’re on! The bracelet is a mixture of red and black antique African trade beads circa late 1800’s - early 1900’s (spotted “skunk beads”), mixed with leather, and sterling silver. The red beads bring in a vibrancy, the feeling of joy; and the black beads represent appreciating the unexpected in life, as well as being able to find laughter/humor even in the dark moments. The sterling silver ring saying LAUGHTER is a central focus in the piece. The bracelet is asymmetrical, part being beads and leather, and part being heavy sterling silver chain - again reflecting the unexpected in life. On the chain are dangling beads and charms -- more African trade beads, a sterling silver mirror ball (reflecting the light), ss dragonfly (the breaking down of illusion and revealing truth), ss spiral (the spiral of life), and a faceted ruby (courage, passion, heart-centered energy!). The clasp is a sterling silver “infinity” clasp and hammered ring, with a ss heart charm dangling from the ring.    7.5 inches inside when clasped (8 inches laid out flat).