Singing It Into Creation


Singing It Into Creation bracelet...

In C.S Lewis’ book The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, the character Aslan (the lion) was the king who “sang” all things into creation.  Many indigenous cultures believe that everything has it’s own unique “song” -- vibration. The use of sound/vibration underlies all that exists.  Part of our task here is to understand that concept enough to discover/discern our own song. Once you understand the concept of sound/vibration/song, the powers of creation, and the powers of healing are natural extensions of that. The bracelet is predominantly orange, the color of devotion, the color of creativity. It also contains 2 matte finish Obsidian beads which help us connect with the energy of the Void, the place of pure potentiality where all things exist before they are brought into manifestation in the physical world. The semi-precious gemstones include one grade AA natural white Pearl, a soothing reminder of the beauty that resides in everyting; a peach-colored freshwater pearl; Onyx to help with perserverance and self-mastery; Citrine, a powerful manifestation stone, helping with personal presence in the world; Carnelian for it’s stong creative energy; Amber, to bring in ancient knowledge and wisdom; orange and red Coral, for the deeply feminine energy and the power of the element of water; orange Swarovski crystal; 14k gold-filled and sterling silver beads and spacers, and a 24k gold vermeil cube. The mixed metals in the x-large sterling lobster clasp and 14k gold-filled puffy ring and twisted rings at the clasp represent “all things in balance.”     7 inches