The Journey


The Journey bracelet...

Life is a continuous journey, and an endless exploration of our deepest Self, and the way we choose to bring that Self forward into the world. Our challenge along the journey is to learn to embrace and learn to work with all the different aspects of ourselves without judgment, whether it's our own judgments or the judgments that others make about us. We lose so much of our energy and power when we try to be someone else to gain acceptance, when we suppress parts of ourselves because those parts are judged as bad or wrong. This bracelet is a reminder to always embrace every aspect of who you are at your deepest core.

The bead at the clasp is Obsidian, a volcanic stone that helps to take you deep within yourself to bring light into the shadows, so that all is known. The cross on the heavyweight sterling silver clasp represents the wisdom and teachings of the Four Directions that support you as you travel on your journey. The silver beads are made of fine silver, handcrafted by members of the Hill Tribe in Thailand. The bead at the center of the bracelet is an antique African trade bead from the mid-1800's. It represents the theme of the piece -- a mix of white, black, and red all together in one bead, with red at the core -- integration of the light and shadow within you, of all parts of yourself, and the power at your center. When we get to that place of real self-acceptance, something within us relaxes, and our true power is freed to move through all we do in the world. 

$200   This was a commissioned piece