The Honey of Life


The Honey of Life bracelet...

Made in a similar style to the Honey of Life necklace, this bracelet carries the energy of “bee medicine”, of creating/manifesting/accomplishing the impossible in your life.  The bee has long been a symbol of creative manifestation, of fertility, of organization. Taking pollen and fertilizing all it touches, spreading the ability to create wherever it goes. Ending with the production of honey (in some types of bees). For many years, it was not understood how bees were able to fly, since aerodynamically they do not seem to be built for it in terms of body size vs. wings, so they are also associated with accomplishing the impossible!  Because the bracelet also carries the energy of enjoying the sweetness of life, and the fruits of your labor, it includes a number of amber beads which carry the energy of sunlight, warmth, sweetness, and the wisdom of the ages. The bracelet is made of very substantial weight sterling silver link chain, doubled, with a heavyweight sterling silver clasp that carries the symbol of the four directions. The bee pendant (body 1.25 inches, wingspan just under 2 inches) is made out of fine silver, handcrafted by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand.

Fits wrist of 7 inches or less.