The Heart Sees All


The Heart Sees All necklace...

Sometimes it’s hard for us to break free of our limited way of seeing things. We tend to see every new experience through the filter of our past experiences, which only tends to reinforce old belief systems that are in place due to past wounds. But the heart is bigger than that. It’s wiser than the head, and able to see past our limited beliefs. It has the ability to see the many different facets of any one experience. It has the ability to help us heal from the past, if we would just embrace it’s wisdom.

The heart here is a 1 inch, puffed and etched pendant, handmade in fine silver by the Hill Tribe of Thailand. In front of the heart is a sterling silver mirror ball to reflect the light from many different directions, echoing the fact that the heart is able to see many sides of the same issue to get a more full picture of any situation that we happen to find ourselves in.  Both are hung from a delicate 19 inch sterling silver chain. Rose quartz beads (gentle heart energy) sit on both sides of the sterling silver swivel clasp in the back, and another mirror ball hangs there as well. Sitting at the back of your neck, these elements remind you that the heart should be behind all you do in your life.