The Call of Vision


The Call of Vision necklace...

The call of your greater Vision in life is not a call you want to ignore. Not if you ever want to feel any sense of peace inside. You came here for a reason. You don’t have to like it, but once you come to a deep understanding of what it is, you must follow your heart’s urging down that path. Perhaps you will do something on a grand scale in the world, but perhaps you’re meant to work in a smaller corner of the world, with less recognition, no parades in your honor... If your mind resists your Vision, telling you it’s too small, it’s only a piece of resistance to work through. There is no such thing as a small life Vision. Maybe the one person you help to awaken in your life is the person that holds a key...  Once you accept the direction of your Vision, you will be surrounded and supported by the ancients, who know how important your job here is.

The necklace is made of knotted leather, with antique African trade beads circa mid-1800’s (Venetian glass), which bring in the energy of the ancient wisdom that helps to guide you. The clasp is a sterling silver rope pattern hook and eye (very easy to hook and unhook). With a sterling silver VISION ring as the central focus, and a handmade Hill Tribe fine silver spiraling arrow hanging from it, as a reminder to stay true to the direction your heart guides you on your Vision Path.

Good for a man or a woman.   18.25 inches

$215    This piece was commissioned by The Tracker School / Medicine Waters Conservancy /

               Children of the Earth Foundation

Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece: 310-967-1336 or