The Body Electric


The Body Electric bracelet...

Like the necklace (I Sing the Body Electric), this bracelet is a smaller version containing gemstones of all colors and vibration, and is about embodying your full capacity as a human being, activating every aspect of yourself so that you are operating at your full potential in every situation. When clasped, the opening is 8 inches around. This bracelet contains turquoise (healing, wisdom and wholeness); red, pink and orange coral (divine feminine); amethyst (intuition); rose quartz (heart); an antique African trade bead circa mid-1800’s; faceted amazonite; freshwater pearl (calming to the emotions); clear quartz (energy magnifier); malachite; citrine (personal power and manifestation); lapis lazuli(high-frequency spiritual energy); sodalite; amber; tigers eye; rhodonite; jade (good fortune); green quartz; jasper; and sterling silver hearts and African Christmas beads dangling from the sterling silver lobster clasp.

8.5 inches


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