(Raven Magic)

WOW!! I've just opened the package and I'm holding this bracelet in my hand....it's stunning. Beautiful photo but it doesn't even come close to conveying the energy of the piece. I didn't expect the majesty. I love this bracelet!!! Nicole Whitney may "Oprah" of the Conscious Community, but you're "House of Winston". I think there's some great things coming in my future :) every intent activated and/or enhanced by your healing work has blossomed in my life in wonderfully bountiful ways.

-Amy S.

(Sacred Healer)

Despite having seen the photos you sent of the Sacred Healer necklace, I was stunned when I opened the box.  It's even better than the pictures indicated.  The energy of the piece is wonderful, and carries a "weight" that has nothing to do with pounds or ounces but was felt immediately when I put the necklace on. When I commissioned the necklace I was only able to give you a general idea of what I had in mind.  Yet what you have brought into being is everything I wanted (and more) on every level.  Thank you so much for the time, energy and spirit that you put into this piece.  I'm honored to have it.

-Rod T.


Wow!    I cried.  I'm seriously impacted  by the depth of your connection with me and my very "lit up" places...the places where I've been working.  Freedom is a priceless medicine gift and I'm so grateful for it...and for you.  Thank you so much.

-Dorothy H.

(Heart Speaks)

Allyson the necklace is wonderful, J. loves it... she says it fits so perfectly she barely knows its there. From my perspective, it suits J. perfectly, and she looks stunning in it. Its a perfect match. Thank you so much Allyson. I can already see the effects of the energy of the necklace in J., and as beautiful as the piece is, the glow from the energy is even better.

-Tim G.

(Laughing In Church)

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Allyson!!!  It's perfect!!! It is amazing!!  You have brought to light my late friend's essence with your conception of her spirit and translated it with your marvelous imagery.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


(Laughing In Church)

I LOVE IT!!!!  It did indeed create "itself with her as the inspiration!" and it's perfect, it's beautiful ~~ it's K.~~ thank you Allyson!... I feel you really did capture K.; it's already precious to me. Thank you!

--Vinnie N.


I received the necklace and it's beautiful and I am so thrilled to wear it!  The pictures don't do it justice!  Thanks so much for creating a piece which I will always cherish.  I definitely feel an certain empowering energy when I wear it.  Even though I'm a traditional pharmacist by training, I also consider myself a teacher and always try to encourage a more natural approach to healing with my customers and patients.

-Susan R.

(Life Is A Dance)

I received the bracelet this afternoon and it’s just perfect. Amazing looking, bought tears to my eyes when I opened it... Thank you for such a wonderful bracelet.  I will definitely be buying more pieces, just as soon as I decide which I want first!

-Louise E.

(Surrendering Into the Flow)

I have received so many compliments on the necklace and I am not surprised!!  It is truly a gift and a work of art from you...When I first wore it, I could feel the energy and the prayers that you added to it before you sent it off...  It has brought me the healing presence that I thought it would......I consider this my "power necklace" as it came to me at a time in my life when I was beginning to take my power back and move on with my life....And the weight of the necklace reminds me that I am anchored to my higher power daily too...Thank you for that also!!

-Claire H.

(Other Teachers)

the necklace arrived in today's mail.  Just wanted to let you know that it was received, and that it was everything I expected and more.  Thanks for all you put into it, and thanks for the space you left for me to fill. Your description of the necklace as a 'medicine object' was absolutely accurate.  From the moment it touched my skin as I put it on, there was a feeling of connection to the necklace and a feeling of sacredness.   I'm grateful that you are making these special objects and making them available ....

-Rod T.

(Awakening Vision)

WOW!  I definitely feel that bracelet was made for me :)  I LOVE it, you are right on about the fullness, the look of it and the meaning behind everything - perhaps I won't ever take it off (hee!hee!) : THANK YOU so much for the bracelet! 

-Tiffany B.

(In the Belly of Creation)

I'm so excited that its going with you to the women's retreat and quest...what a wonderful energy to weave into it, and a constant reminder of the power of woman!  I feel honored to have a piece that will carry the energy of those 2 programs!!!! I knew when I saw it ... that it would be a powerful piece. I also usually don't wear necklaces that are that big, but there was just something about it....I can’t imagine a more powerful thing to wear as a doula during births!  (later email) I wore your necklace today, I LOVE it! It feels so good on! I'm keeping it on my alter unless I'm wearing it so that it can hold all it's good juju! 

-Kate C.

(Out of the Blue - Miracles)

It is absolutely beautiful.  I love it!!!!  I love how unique it is.  You are very talented,  and I loved the names... I feel that I am somewhat of a miracle for surviving stage 3 ovarian cancer  in 1986!!!!  You can't imagine the people I have inspired to fight their cancer.  If I survived all I went through, then miracles do happen.

-Carol B.

(Open To Receive)

I just want to say thank you for such a beautiful bracelet.  The day I found out that I had breast cancer, I remember telling my parents that when I beat this thing I want a miracles bracelet like my mother’s.  They were going to go on and get me one immediately, but I refused until I got the two words that I wanted to hear so bad...cancer free.  I love the one that was made for me....open to receive miracles.  It is so appropriate for me and what is going on with me right now.  You do beautiful work. 

-Courtney B.

(The Breath of Life)

It is absolutely beautiful. It's just perfect... thank you so much. I feel very honored to wear this beautiful piece that is so meaningful. Many blessings to you.

-Karen Bolton

(There’s No Place Like Home)

Allyson - the bracelet made me feel so special - everything about it ... it was all so personal and specific to me -  Thank you so much for a gift I will cherish all my days.

-Alet T.

(Peaceful Heart)

As soon as I saw the piece I just knew I had to have it.  I have recently lost my father and my daughter is also very ill so I constantly try to "come from the heart" in everything I do at the moment, so this has come in to my life at the right time.  I will wear it with love and gratitude for the wonderful people I have met and who have all in their own way given me so much.

-Sue P.

I received the “Earth Heart” necklace today!!  It is absolutely gorgeous!!! ....  I am looking forward to a relationship with it’s own energies, it feels really powerful… 

-Leah H.

(Surrender Into Life)

I received the necklace on Tuesday and it is even more beautiful than the pictures! The weight of the necklace is wonderful and I really like how it feels on my neck and chest when I wear it. It really has a nice strong energy - an empowering energy - not an overpowering energy... I really like the red bead and the dragonfly!!  For some reason both of those really touched my heart... Thank you again for making such a beautiful necklace for me!

-Maggie V.

(Unique and Fabulous You)

It’s fabulous!

-Susan F.

(The Total Human, Gypsy, Carnival)

The jewelry is absolutely amazing, and to the point really...You've got something with the jewelry...especially those "multimedia" pieces like LAUGHING IN CHURCH,

FIRE DRAGON, GRACE...I see the birth of heirlooms... I have (Carnival) on now, I love it, it's fun.  At night it hangs on my wall next to my  Poster from Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.


(Raven Magic)

Last night we had dinner out.  I was wearing Raven Magic.  During dessert a beautiful grandfather came up to our table and said to me, "I bet you like Magic".  The kids were thrilled, "she does, she does, look at her bracelet.!!"  "Wonderful," he said, "just the folks I was looking for!" And he gave us a ten minute absolutely amazing magic show...right at our table.  (My kids) were out of their minds.  After he left, they looked at me wide eyed, "wow Mama, you have to tell Allyson!!" We laid in the bed last night and they told me all the things they saw in the bracelet: heavy, fire, mirror, rainbow, light, dark, eyes, trees, clouds, rivers.  "It's like Kampe's belt", they said.  "Remember, Mama, the goddess that was formed before energy took permanent form?" What a fun night...I’m still smiling this morning.

-Amy S.

(13 Moons, Creative Fire, Earth Tracks)

Your work and the intention behind each piece is so beautiful. Thank you for creating them.

-Leslie T.

(Fortune Smiles)

When I finally had a chance to read the description of the necklace (that I bought) I started to laugh as it was exactly appropriate! Funny how these things work out! It's absolutely beautiful and I just wanted to thank you again for it.

-Eileen S.

I'm trying to come up with a new word, afraid that it will sound trite after saying it so often!!  But I'm stuck...STUNNING!!! Your creations are so amazing and so full of meaning!!  I wish you could be here to watch me look at them, it's a physical reaction to one after the other, after the other...!!

-Jane R.

Man, do I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your jewelry!  It's just GORGEOUS stuff, Allyson.

13 moons is brilliant.  And LAUGHING IN CHURCH ..... that is BEYOND brilliant!

Your jewelry is so beautiful and profound and meaningful.  I just LOVE it.

-Tara L.

I’m in awe at the beauty and harmony in your jewelry. It is gentle and magnificent.

Rich BlesSings,

-Sylvia M.

I love Love LOVE your jewelry!  It is filled with energy - every bead.   


Allyson...such illuminating works of healing and enlightenment.. besides being such marvelous works of art.



This jewelry looks wonderful. Just the beauty I would expect from one who speaks as you do about service, soul nourishment and living in the Presence.

Lucinda T.

Allyson, totally awesome, creative, and outstandingly beautiful. You're very gifted. I can feel your aura come through each of your creations.

Namaste, James