Taking Life By Storm


Taking Life By Storm bracelet...

This bracelet is packed with power and vitality. It’s about not being a “shrinking violet” in life; but instead, putting yourself out there, taking some risks, getting the most out of life in the time you have here, and enjoying life to the fullest! It is a mix of metals, including, 14k gold-filled pieces, copper, sterling silver, and fine grade silver beads handmade by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. The mix of metals represents balance, and encompassing the full spectrum of life experiences. There is also knotted leather, and the following gemstones and beads: Ruby (a stone of the heart, of courage, of adventure, of passion for life); Citrine (a powerful stone to aid physical manifestation, it also clears blockages and strengthens your ability to manifest your Light in the world, as well as helping to heal issues around power abuse and the feeling of powerlessness); Carnelian (strong energy, creativity, healthy and balanced sexuality); Amber (brings in the light and power of the sun, a warming energy, ancient and wise); Coral (protective “Mother” energy, and brings in the energy of the ocean to temper all that fire in everything else here); and an antique African trade bead circa late 1800-early 1900’s (red and white Venetian eye bead). An absolutely stunning bracelet that changes in mood depending upon which side is facing up at any given moment.

7.5 inches inside when clasped.