Taking Flight


Taking Flight bracelet...

This bracelet is about recognizing your unique gifts, finding your voice, coming into your own. Part of that journey is also about healing the places in your past that hold you back, that keep you from believing in your own power, that dampen your Inner Light. It’s about allowing the Light within you to shine fully in the world. It’s about identifying the dreams you carry within you, dreams you came here in this life to accomplish, and bringing them into manifestation.

Wings are a symbol representing "flight" and the soul's ability to transcend the weight of earthly burdens and to rise above them to a higher purpose.

Created with a combination of leather; Moonstone (intuition and dreamtime); Freshwater Pearl (soothing to the emotions); Coral and Mother of Pearl (both deeply feminine and each carrying the energy of the ocean); Marble (clarity of thought and emotion, balancing, dream recall, and enhancing your inner luminosity); clear Quartz (to enhance the energetic combination); Swarovski crystal; and silver. The silver is a mix of sterling and fine grade silver, including handmade Hill Tribe fine silver pieces. There is a silver feather next to a silver heart hanging from the clasp to represent taking flight, and letting your connection to Spirit guide you to the path of your heart. Also in the theme of taking flight, there is also a silver hummingbird, representing joy, and a silver Pegasus charm. Pegasus was, in Greek Mythology, the white winged horse that was born when Medusa was slain; accomplished many heroic deeds; was an inspiration to the Muses; is connected to the realm of imagination, vision, dreams and intuition; and was honored by the gods with a constellation in the sky named after him. Pegasus symbolizes the victory of good over evil, the immortality of the soul, and serves as the carrier and protector of the spirit in its journey.

This bracelet is about finding your wings and taking flight! 

7.25 inches inside when clasped