Surrender Into Life


Surrender Into Life necklace...

This was a commissioned piece in the style of Surrendering to the Flow

When you surrender into the flow of life, the key to relaxing into the flow is trust. So the "infinity-8" clasp in the back of the necklace hooks onto a sterling silver ring that says TRUST. It's a reminder that trust needs to reside in the background of all aspects of our life if we are able to relax into that flow, and know that if we can allow the current to carry us, we will flow around the obstacles with much less resistance. The piece is made of varying shade of turquoise, with sterling silver nuggets. Turquoise is a stone of Truth and Wholeness. It is a very healing stone. It helps to integrate all of life experiences so that we can see the bigger picture, gaining a deeper understanding and expanding wisdom in the process. I intentionally did something different at the 2 ends of the necklace. You will notice that on one end, the 2 "streams" come out of one source. After flowing next to eachother, they ultimately join up again at the other end, but not quite in the same pattern. And it ends with a single red coral bead, as a reminder that things always come together in the end but not always in the way we expect. It's a reminder to keep open the possibility of alternate outcomes than the ones your mind may have imagined. And next to the coral bead is a little sterling silver dragonfly that represents seeing past the illusion, allowing real truth to enter. The silver in the necklace carries the strong energetic connection to the moon, that shifting and powerful force that we are so connected to as women. So relax into the flow, relax into the constant shifting and change, and know that things may come together in unexpected ways, but always in the perfect unfolding and in the perfect time.


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