Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning necklace...

“Spring Cleaning” is about cleaning out the cobwebs, clearing out the places that are energetically stagnant and filled with your old junk that no longer serves you, it just takes up space. It can be a mental and emotional process as well as a physical one.

This is a gorgeous pendant with pale blue-green chalcedony at the center, surrounded by 19 round and teardrop shaped peridot gemstones. Peridot is about growth. It brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healing of all kinds. Peridot’s energy helps you to understand the changes going on in your life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible.  It helps you to move into your own bright and wonderful future! It’s also used for courage, self-worth, generosity, abundance, well-being, and bringing physical reality into alignment with your inner truth. Chalcedony is a gentle, calming energy that helps to balance mind, body and spirit. It also encourages and eases communication, particularly what would otherwise be emotionally charged communication. Combined with the peridot it assists in allowing you to move into your future with peaceful clarity, and clean communication in your relationships with yourself and others as you work through any issue that’s been holding you back. At the clasp, there is a bead of Peruvian Blue Opal which has a soft and gentle energy that helps you move into a calm and meditative state, and helps you connect more deeply with your spiritual guidance past the boundaries of ego. Growth and transformation is happening in every moment, so make sure you create room for the new to come in.

20 inches, pendant hangs 2 inches at the center

Please note that this is not a necklace that I made by hand,

other than choosing the sterling silver chain to pair with the

beautiful pendant I found at a recent gem show. But like all

my pieces, I work with it energetically to direct a specific

healing intent for the specific person that will be wearing it.