Spiraling Joy


Spiraling Joy necklace...

The dragonfly is a symbol of breaking the illusion that keeps us from Reality. The illusion I speak of now is the illusion that joy is something we have to find, something we have to look for. The Reality is that there’s a deep well of joy that resides within us always. It’s always there, just waiting for us to dive into it. We just tend to get so caught up in our dramas, our perceptions (that we choose to have), all the things that keep us from seeing right now in this moment all of the wonderful and joyful things that surround us. When we stop arguing to be “right” about how miserable we are, and just relax into the moment, we can actually begin to see the beauty around us. In that moment of relaxed appreciation, the joy begins to bubble up! And we find that the more joy we allow in our lives, the more we see that it’s in endless supply, and the spiral grows outward farther and farther, touching everyone we meet. And we realize that it never goes away, even when we’re in the middle of something more difficult or challenging. It’s STILL there underneath, simultaneously existing with all else. That deep well of joy is always there. We just need to allow it to be experienced.

The necklace is made of a very delicate chain of twisted wire circles, with pastel Swarovski crystals attached throughout. Connected to a central sterling silver ring that says JOY by handmade silver spirals, representing joy spiraling out in all directions. The dragonfly is a handmade Hill Tribe piece in fine silver, with more Swarovski crystals dangling beneath.

19 inches, with 3.5 inches dangling from center ring