Source of Wisdom


Source of Wisdom bracelet...

Let go of your addiction to “confusion” (yes, I said addiction), let go of the fear that keeps you from moving forward. Connect with the deep inner knowing that is always present within you. Trust it. Trust yourself as a carrier of this wisdom. This bracelet is made of sterling silver chain and wire, leather, smokey quartz and varying shades of turquoise. Smoky quartz is a premier grounding and clearing stone. It allows you to work in realms of high-frequency energy and vibration, without energy burnout as it connects you with the earth, and helps ground the spiritual insights received there to be used in a practical way. The use of Turquoise as a prized healing stone dates back thousands and thousands of years. Turquoise beads from 5000 B.C. have been found, and it has been revered in cultures and spiritual traditions around the globe, including Native American cultures, Tibetans, Hindus, among many many others, for its good luck. It is a stone about truth, wholeness, healing, clarity, integration, and love. The closure is a twisted sterling silver ring and swivel lobster clasp, and the pendant is a laser-carved Indian head nickel design which is to remind us of the presence of the ancestors around us, offering wisdom and guidance when we become still enough to listen.. This bracelet helps to connect you with the source of wisdom that you carry within you, deep within the core of your being.


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