Soul On Fire


Soul On Fire bracelet...

This FIRE bracelet is one of the “Elements” series. The theme here is internal fire, passion, ancient wisdom combined with an adventurous spirit in the NOW. Passion to direct into the exploring of new ideas, new frontiers of your potentially huge life. This bracelet is about making things happen! (It also carries the energy of Latin ballroom dancing, because a “soul on fire” should be dancing the rumba and salsa!) Antique African trade beads circa mid-1800’s bring in ancient grounded energy and wisdom. Citrine is a classic manifestation stone. Carnelian and fire agate bring in the fire of passion, and creativity. Lava, brings in the fire at the center of the earth, the fire at the heart of matter. And red and orange coral bring in a powerful female energy of generating and regenerating, as well as a deep protective energy. The metals are a balance of sterling silver and 14k gold-filled pieces, a meeting of the male and female in balance, the ultimate creative act.   7.5 inches

Fire is power in motion. Don’t be afraid of diving into the fire. That’s where your strength is forged!


Shown at left with the “Mystical Journeys” necklace.