Solving The Riddle


Solving The Riddle bracelet...

We are constantly trying to “figure out” our lives, trying to use our brain to answer the questions that lie in our heart. But that’s one of those times where “you can’t get there from here...” Your rational, logical mind is certainly a great tool, but it won’t give you all the deeper answers you’re looking for. You have to use your intuitive gifts, you have to learn to “hear” the messages from deep within your heart, and become more aware of the guidance you’re receiving from the spiritual realms. Not really the stuff of the logical, rational mind... but definitely more all-encompassing in reading energy and unseen information on more planes of existence than just the physical.

The bracelet contains a great deal of Amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms and your higher spiritual guidance, also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage); Sugilite (a preeminent stone of healing and purification, an energetic cleanser, it also provides exceptional protection against negative energy, it’s a stone connected to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision -- a doorway into awakened Inner Vision); Iolite (a “vision” stone, it stimulates levels of greater spiritual awareness, and helps unlock the doors of knowledge that we already contain, it also helps release discord in relationships, and helps one to understand and release underlying causes of addictive behavior); Flourite (helps absorb and neutralize negative energy, and helps in decision-making); dyed Freshwater Pearls (soothing to the emotions, and combined with the color purple it soothes feelings of frustrations that can surface when “trying” too hard to connect with spiritual guidance and feeling unsuccessful); and Swarovski crystal. There is a mix of both sterling silver (moon, female energy) and 14k gold-filled pieces (sun, male energy), to bring balance. The puzzle piece at the center represents the life riddles that you are on a journey of solving in this lifetime, the ones that will require you to awaken more tools of awareness for your toolbox.

7.75 inches inside when clasped