Shit Happens


Shit Happens bracelet...

Good for a man or a woman who has a good sense of humor about life and the spiritual path. It’s not about trying to life a life of “peace” in which nothing upsetting or dramatic ever happens. Unexpected things will ALWAYS happen. It’s more about “okay, what do I do with this now?...” It’s about how we react to the things that happen. It’s about how we roll with it. Peace is not about the absence of drama, it’s about how we choose to react to it. Shit happens. Deal with it. And keep noticing the good things that are happening at the same time all around you too.

Knotted leather; sterling silver beads, clasp and ring; and antique African trade beads circa mid-1800’s. Fits up to 7.25 inch wrist (but could be stretched a little if needed since it’s knotted leather)