Shine! necklace...

To truly shine our Light in the world, it means we need to heal the wounds from the past, let go of old habits that don’t serve us anymore, and relax into the knowledge that we are beautiful, powerful, and each have unique gifts that no one else can offer. We have to relax, knowing that we are safe and protected, and supported by forces larger than ourselves. Life is ALWAY working with us (even when we can’t see the bigger picture yet...)

The14k gold-filled chains (2 styles), rings, nuggets, headpins,

daisy spacers, and infinity clasp bring in the energy and power of the sun. Citrine is about power, manifestation, and your personal projection in the world. Coral carries deeply protective feminine power. Green Turquoise is about healing, wholeness, integration of all of your experiences. And antique African trade beads (circa early 1900‘s) are about accessing the wisdom of the ancients, and knowing that Spirit is walking along side of us.

Relax. Get comfortable in your own skin. And Shine!