Shifting Inner Landscapes


Shifting Inner Landscapes necklace...

The subtle but dynamic patterns of the stones in this necklace are absolutely impossible to fully capture in a photo! Sophisticated and mysterious, you would swear that the patterns in the stone are shifting as you look at them. Amazingly patterned rainforest rhyolite beads alternating with fire agate beads, some bold, some milky, that look like they contain active fire. Rainforest rhyolite helps to connect with dynamic and creative ways to deal with difficult situations. It’s known as a stone that is beneficial in all types of communication, whether it’s hearing “the words behind the words”, or communicating with beings on other planes, or for use in animal communication (including calling in animal guides). It’s a VERY strong stone for connecting with the power of the natural world, and understanding the interconnectedness of all things. Fire agate helps to activate life-force energy, creative fire, and sexual energy that can become buried and almost extinguished under the chores and worries of daily life. Awaken your passion! This stone helps to put you in the here and now. And after all, HERE is where you are (no matter how much you might try to float above it all, slightly disconnected) -- so you might as well make the most of this precious gift of LIFE! You came here for a reason... Do you know what it is yet? This necklace carries the energy of courage to explore those inner landscapes, open to communication with whatever comes, and discover that reason. And the combination of these 2 stones awakens the power of the Elements within you on your journey.

Between the stones are delicately twisted 14k gold-filled rings, with a 14k gold-filled lobster clasp and dangling fire agate bead at the clasp.       21 inches

Shifting, dynamic, creative, passionate, and connected... that’s the real you.