She Shines On the World


She Shines On the World bracelet...

This piece is about letting your Light out allowing it to touch everything and everyone around you. It’s about powerful personal Presence. As a woman, you hold the power of creation, of transformation, of healing, of heart-to-heart connection within your very presence. You heal the world with your presence. There will never, in the history of time, be another YOU that comes along. You have unique qualities, gifts, talents, to share with the world. You hold a key. What a shame it would be to keep it locked away inside.

The stones contained in this bracelet carry the energy of the sun, of creativity, of manifestation, of ancient wisdom. It contains citrine, amber, aragonite, Swarovski crystal, antique African trade beads circa mid-1800’s, a funky glass bead to represent your unique style, and a freshwater pearl, to bring in the female balance of the moon and to remind you that true personal power can contain gentleness. The metal is 22k gold vermeil, and 14k gold filled beads, spacers, rings and “infinity” clasp. The dangle at the clasp is citrine.

So let your Light out, and SHINE ON THE WORLD!  What a duller, darker place it would be here if you didn’t...         

7.25 inches inside when clasped

(7.75 inches from end to end when laid out)


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