Shaman bracelet...

This is a difficult piece to photograph, because so much

of it's magic is in the way it catches and reflects the light

as it moves and shifts while you're wearing it. It's a

reminder of the power of the shaman, and that they carry

an inner light and magic that they keep hidden until they

use it. A real shaman doesn’t go around announcing that

they’re a shaman and that they have magical powers. A

real shaman goes about his/her day, doing their work

when it’s needed. But it's not for show. Not for recognition.

Not for everyone to know about. They keep it hidden from

the average joe. It's a hidden power that is used with skill

and wisdom and discernment and humility. They don’t

need the accolades, the personal recognition. They

know the power comes from a greater source and merely

works through them. It’s power with wisdom, and humility.

It's an inner light that is no longer connected to the

superficial needs of the ego. It is about having arrived....

It's a 7 to 7.25 inch bracelet, so it’s for a smaller wrist, because I used a handmade Hill Tribe fine silver link bracelet and toggle as the base and that's how long that bracelet is (out of my control with this one). Then I attached silver pieces (strong feminine energy and connection to the moon), labradorite (transformation, illumination, and esoteric wisdom), moonstone (intuition, psychic abilities and feminine energies), and clear quartz (clarity and energy enhancement). It's a very subtle piece in terms of color, using things that carry a powerful inner light and luminescence.


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