Rushing Waters


Rushing Waters necklace...

This necklace is like water, gently falling around your neck and over your shoulders, with its many semi-precious gemstones in shades of blue and touches of purple and green. Cleansing, purifying, life-giving water. The inspiration for this piece came from a Hopi elder’s words about life being a river, and how the river is now moving faster. Instead of trying to cling to the banks, it’s time to have courage to let go, and move into the center of the flow. See who’s there with you in the center, because it’s time to join in community rather than going it alone. It may surprise you who you recognize as your “family.” This necklace is a reminder to reach out to the people who travel along side you in this journey called life. Gather your community and support one another.

The 2 sterling silver rings in the necklace say DESTINY (because the river is carrying you to yours), and WISDOM (because you’ll need it along the way). The 3 feet of gemstones included in this piece combine to create powerful healing, harmony, soothing meditative calm, expanded intuition, connection to Spirit, enhanced communication, and greater connection with others. They are stones that work strongly with the heart, the throat chakra and the third eye. They include turquoise, lapis lazuli, amethyst, sodalite, Peruvian blue opal, sugilite, chrysacolla, blue quartz, clear quartz, dyed blue freshwater pearl, apatite, Swarovski crystal, and a big white pearl to represent the moon and her connection to water.

The pendant hanging from the wisdom ring is a sterling silver goddess figure because the wisdom you carry as a woman is infinitely deep and reverberates in all you do. The goddess is also included because of the strong connection that we as women have with water (which is also emotion). And women have the power to change the world. So gather your family around you. Bring forward your wisdom and power as you flow down the river... and go forth and change the world!


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Scroll down to look at some different ways you can wear this. As one long 36 inch loop, hooked on the WISDOM ring; or double wrapped (pictured here) and hooked on

the WISDOM ring, or hooked on the DESTINY ring with

7+ inches of necklace hanging straight down in front (or down your back if you’re wearing a backless dress --

a little more unusual and eye-catching!)