Rings of Jupiter


Rings of Jupiter necklace...

A powerful ball of sugilite suspended within interlocking

hammered sterling silver rings.Sugilite is a preeminent

stone of healing and purification. It also provides

exceptional protection against negative energy, a

powerful “energetic cleanser,” good for people who tend

to be sensitive to their environments and can easily absorb

the negative energy around them. It is a stone connected

to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision. Jupiter is a planet that is associated with happiness, confidence, enlightened adventure, grand journeys, and good fortune. Dangling amidst the silver rings, it’s as though there are rings of that energy emanating out from the sugilite, in the same way that the energy emanates out from the center of you as you move joyfully through your own Grand Journey in life. Hung on a delicate 20 inch sterling silver chain, with the central pendant hanging 2 3/8 inches.


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