Rhymes With Orange


Rhymes With Orange necklace...

Not everyone can pull off orange. YOU can though. Bold, dynamic, not afraid to make a statement. Is this you? (Or would you like a little more of that in your life than you’re currently bringing to the plate?...) A powerful piece for those wishing to boost vitality, creative energy, confidence, and the power to manifest your desires -- made of faceted citrine rondelles, carnelian discs and faceted beads, aragonite rondelles, coral, gold and topaz Swarovski crystals, with a 14k gold-filled lobster clasp closure and 14k GF daisy spacers. Carnelian is about “taking the leap”, a powerful stone to assist when taking major action is needed. It’s a fantastic ally in fortifying physical energies (which supports our spirit) and creativity. Citrine is about personal power, projection, and manifestation in the world. Aragonite works with the emotional body in a soothing way, helping to work through old wounds of the past which, under the surface, continually drain our energy and emotional well-being. This piece is a soulful “kick in the pants,” a vitamin B-12 “shot in the arm!”

What rhymes with orange?... You do!     

18 inches