Receiving the Light


Receiving the Light necklace...

Four beautiful, richly-colored faceted citrine rondelles are suspended in front of a real leaf painted in 24k gold. The delicate 14k gold-filled twisted ring chain connects with 2 more citrine rondelles on the sides that sit between 22k gold vermeil balls. The closeure in back is an elegant 14k gold-filled hammed toggle clasp between 2 more 22k gold vermeil beads. Citrine is a stone of clarity, strong will, manifestation, and powerful growth and forward progress. It’s a stone of new potentials coming forward into being. It carries the energy of fire, and so can help you activate your own “fire in the belly,” your clarity of intention, action, and manifestation capabilities.

And gold carries the deep, rich, warming energy of the sun. Everything about this necklace feels like suspended sunlight. Sunlight held in the rich citrine, and sunlight held in the veins of the leaf. This necklace is absolutely luminous (and quite beyond my photographic abilities to capture). It’s a reminder that to carry Light so fully and shine it in the world, you have to be open to receive it as well... Receiving and creating go hand in hand.           23 inches, 3 inch leaf


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