Rebirth necklace...

Rebirth is about awakening into a new way of being in life. Often it means an enlightening change of perception that results in a profound personal shift. Rebirth is about starting fresh, and about having the awareness that it can happen in a single moment. Every breath you take is a new beginning! In that space between the exhalation (letting go, releasing the past), and that next inhalation (bringing in new life force), there is a still point where it’s possible for the entire world within you to shift and be reborn anew. It just requires the awareness that it’s possible, and the choice to make it the Truth. This necklace carries the reminder that in every moment is a possibility of a new beginning, a rebirth into life. 

The necklace contains the joyful colors of spring: green, pink, peach, purple, yellow, blue and white. The stones included are: emerald; amethyst; Peruvian blue opal; Chinese pink opal; lapis lazuli; sugilite; green, blue, pink, and white turquoise; citrine; rose quartz; pink, white, and peach coral; moonstone; chryacolla; freshwater pearl; mother of pearl; aventurine; green, blue and clear quartz; amazonite; aragonite; rhodonite; and Swarovski crystals. There are 2 sterling silver rings saying MIRACLES and CHANGE (because both are elements of rebirth). A hummingbird, symbolizing joy, dangles from the “change” ring. And a dragonfly, symbolizing truth over illusion, hangs from the “miracles” ring. It is a handmade Hill Tribe piece made from fine silver. The clasp is a sterling silver infinity clasp.

The necklace is a full 3 feet of semi-precious gemstones and silver! This is a very versatile necklace -- one of the signature pieces. It can be worn as one long strand, clasp hooked on the “MIRACLES” ring; or as one strand with the clasp hooked on the “CHANGE” ring, with 8.5 inches hanging down the center line of the body or moved off to the side to hang asymmetrically, or hung down the back if you’re wearing a top with a low-cut back. It can also be wrapped twice and hooked at the “MIRACLES” ring. One necklace, many variations.


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Scroll down to look at some different ways you can wear this. As one long 36 inch loop, hooked on the MIRACLES ring; or double wrapped (pictured here) and hooked on the MIRACLES ring, or hooked on the CHANGE ring with 8+ inches of necklace hanging straight down in front (or down your back if you’re wearing a backless dress -- a little more unusual and eye-catching!)