Raven Magic


Raven Magic bracelet...

Taking a picture of this bracelet was very difficult. Trying to catch it at an angle where the feeling of it came through was almost impossible. Every angle you look at it from is different. It’s constantly shifting. It’s like a multitude of bracelets in one. And then I thought, “well of course it is!” Because Raven is a shapeshifter. Raven carries magic. Raven can cross the Veils and move multi-dimensionally. So why on earth would the Raven Magic bracelet be easy to pin down in a photo?... I knew right then that the bracelet was playing with me... Just as it should.

Lots of beads in this one that carry the energy of the Void, ancient knowledge, and magic; stones that assist you with multi-dimensionality by grounding you yet letting you travel way out at the same time. Sterling silver; leather; antique black and white African trade beads circa mid-1800’s; labradorite; lava; obsidian; onyx; smoky quartz; snowflake obsidian; hematite; grey pearl; fireworks jasper; sterling silver charms that symbolize the power of nature, as well as breaking through “illusion” (feather, dragonfly, pine cone, leaf); a silver ring with MAGIC on it; and a glass anti-evil eye bead that tends to move in and out of the magic ring as you move.     9 inches

This is one powerful bracelet. And it was worn during my Sedona Women’s Retreat, so it carries the energy of the deep work we did there. (I’m tempted not to sell it, and keep it for myself!)


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