Quest Circle


Quest Circle bracelet/necklace...

Anyone who has done a life-changing Vision Quest knows that even after the 4-day Quest is over, the Quest and the Quest circle continue to live within you. In a very beautiful way, your Quest never ends. I made this piece with the intention that it can be worn both as a bracelet and a necklace (choker length). Wrapped around the wrist, the strand of sugilite and silver beads is threaded through the hammered sterling silver ring, the Bali silver ball “floating” in the center of it, and the extra large lobster clasp hooks onto the ring as it’s wrapped a second time. The silver ball in the center represents the Quester moving within the Quest circle for those sacred 4-days and 4-nights. And if you chose to wear it as a necklace, the ball (Quester) sits in front, and the hammered silver circle and clasp are in the back (your sacred Quest circle always being present in the back of all you do as you move forward in your life). The purple Sugilite representing the constant and healing presence of Spirit guiding you.


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