Protected necklace...

“Protected” is not the same thing as “defended,” walls built around yourself to keep you from what you perceive as danger, or barriers erected internally to keep you from having to experience pain or disappointment or any emotion you don’t want to deal with. Protected in the much larger sense of the word, means knowing that you are protected by a force much greater than yourself, so that you can become vulnerable in the middle of life experiences, and really FEEL your life, and process the difficult experiences and emotions. You can let down your defensive walls and process your life fully, because you know that even in the midst of handling more than you think you can bear, you are not alone, and you are safe. Safe to feel. Safe to be vulnerable. As strange as it may sound, the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be by taking down those defensive walls, the more able you are able to really know what is dangerous and needs to be dealt with, and what is not dangerous and that you can allow in... Your perception becomes much more clear when you allow yourself to open.

The necklace is knotted leather, with sterling silver accents and swivel lobster clasp. The turquoise cross, or four directions, is slightly over one inch across. Turquoise is a stone of wholeness, truth, and wisdom, that helps us integrate all of life’s experiences into the whole of ourselves. It’s bordered here on both sides by faceted red Coral which adds a comforting and protective element. A sterling silver feather with another bead of coral hangs in back at the clasp to represent the presence of Spirit that is with us always. You are protected on a much larger level, so you can let down those walls, and feel your life, and know that you will be okay....

An excellent necklace for a man as well as a woman.   22 inches


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