Peaceful Heart


Peaceful Heart necklace...

This delicate and peaceful necklace is incredibly soothing to wear. The gentle and pure shades of white, clear crystal and silver are absolutely breathtaking in the light (hard to capture in a photo!). So full of clarity. As pure as the first snow, as gentle as a cloud drifting across the sky, as peaceful as your heart when you know that’s where you’ve made your choices from. When you make your choices not based on external pressures, but from the whisperings of your heart, you will never go wrong.

The necklace is a stunning combination of various sizes of pearl, mother-of-pearl, moonstone, white coral, marble, clear quartz, Swarovski crystals, labradorite, and a pale pink opal disc. It also contains a great deal of sterling silver beads, spacers, mirror balls, spirals, rings that say PEACE and SERENITY, and a hummingbird charm; and a handmade Hill Tribe fine silver dragonfly. The combination of these particular stones creates an overall energy that is incredibly soothing to the emotional body, that is full of powerful female energy, that connects with the energy of the moon and the ocean, that enhances intuitive capacity and clarity in the dreamtime. It’s a solid and grounded feeling of peace.

This is a very versatile necklace -- one of the signature pieces. It can be worn as one long strand, clasp hooked on the “PEACE” ring; or as one strand with the clasp hooked on the “SERENITY” ring, with 8.5 inches hanging down the center line of the body or moved off to the side to hang asymmetrically, or hung down the back if you’re wearing a top with a low-cut back. It can also be wrapped twice and hooked at the “Goddess” ring. One necklace, many variations.  38 inches from tip to tip.   (This would also be a fantastic gift for a bride if you know someone who’s looking....)


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