Passion For Living


Passion For Living bracelet...

This bracelet celebrates the gift of being alive. It celebrates the joy of waking up in the morning, excited to see what’s in store that day, knowing that life is a grand adventure. What will you see? Who will you meet? What will you do? The possibilities are endless... It celebrates the fact that every moment in time that you experience will only happen once, never to be repeated in the same way again, and you get to be part of it. How amazing is that??

The bracelet contains leather and a lot of chunky, heavyweight beads in fine and sterling silver, the fine silver pieces handcrafted by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. The gemstone beads are a combination of energies that are grounding and protective, so that you feel solid within yourself rather than fearful in the face of whatever is thrown at you: Onyx (strong will, perseverance, incredible stamina); Coral (balancing to the emotions, powerful female energy); Obsidian (assists you on your deep and personal inner journey); Tourmalinated Quartz (the tourmaline inclusions are grounding and protective against negative energy and the quartz is a powerful energy enhancer); black-webbed Jasper (comforting and protective, so you can leap without fear); Carnelian (passion, creativity, sexuality); Hematite (exceptionally grounding in the face of unexpected twists and turns); a black and white anti-evil-eye glass bead for protection from negative energy, and a red and white antique African trade bead circa the mid-1800’s, bringing in the wisdom of the many who have come before you, reminding you that there is always a wellspring of joy in your heart, underneath everything, you just have to choose to tap into it every single day. The sterling silver FIERCE ring at the clasp represents to passion with which you choose to take a running dive off the high board into life.  Let “Carpe Diem” be your mantra, “seize the day!”

7.25 inches inside when clasped