Mystical Journeys bracelet...

Bold, primal, tribal in feel, this bracelet is a connection to the journeys we can take to other moments in time, other locations, other dimensions. Antique African trade beads (circa mid-1800’s) carry us to an ancient time and place, and an ancient way of accessing wisdom. The red coral carries the energy of passion and takes us on a journey into the vast and deep world of the sea. The lava carries us into the fire at the center of the earth and reminds us of the fire at our own core, occasionally erupting and creating new “lands” for us to explore. The obsidian connects us with the energy of the Void, the place in Spirit where all things originate. Onyx carries the energy of self-mastery and discipline -- needed qualities when navigating in other realms. The hematite and malachite beads give us strength and ground us, so we can return from our journeys without getting “lost”, coming full circle with our exploration. Citrine, a manifestation stone,  brings the energy of personal power and presence and expansion back into our daily lives; and jasper is a protective stone that’s often used to assist with astral travel. In addition to 14k gold-filled and sterling silver spacers and small beads, the larger silver pieces are quite solid, heavyweight pieces: a handmade Hill Tribe silver bead at the center, a hammered silver ring at the clasp,a silver hand with a spiral in the palm signifying our healing abilities, and a heavyweight chunky clasp with an equilateral cross on the side (the most ancient form of the cross, as well as a symbol for the 4 directions on the medicine wheel).

The point of journeying is to bring back into our daily

lives, the wisdom, the knowledge, the greater Vision,

the bigger perspective that we gain on our mystical

journeys. If not, then we’ve missed part of the point

of coming here to learn. We’ve missed an opportunity

to create heaven on earth, missed the knowing that

our physical lives here ARE spiritual, and that our

journeys take us to the understanding that we are

already there in the place that we’re seeking.

7.5 inches


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