My Cup Runneth Over


My Cup Runneth Over necklace...

This is an Abundance necklace. Let me first say a word about attracting abundance. The first step is always GRATITUDE (as it says on one of the 3 silver rings in this piece). You must first look around you and see all of the great blessings that you have in your life already. Even if it has been difficult lately, or you’ve suffered great loss. There are still blessings in your life. Many. See them, appreciate them as the great gifts that they are, and have gratitude. Gratitude for the blessings you already have attracts more blessings! It’s an ever-widening spiral that you are creating: Gratitude>Blessings>more Gratitude> Greater Blessings and Abundance...etc. That is why there are so many handmade spirals on this piece (in sterling silver, copper, and 14k gold-filled wire). To reflect the spiral of abundance that begins, always, with gratitude as the central point.

This necklace represents the incredible bounty of the universe, full-to-overflowing! It contains beads in every color of the rainbow (and the colors and vibrations of each chakra to help clear internal blocks), mixed metals alongside leather, and an amazing variety of gemstones, including many of the traditional “prosperity-attracting” stones. There are several emeralds (once of which hangs on the central silver ABUNDANCE ring, next to handmade spirals and a sterling silver treasure chest that actually opens. Inside the treasure chest is a ruby (glued in!). When you receive this necklace write a tiny note in your own handwriting that says “I am incredibly blessed!” and keep it in the treasure chest with the ruby so that the energy of your handwritten words gains power.

The Emerald and Ruby are both powerhouse Heart stones. Ruby carries passion, courage, and a zest for life, and emerald has been traditionally used to heal and open the heart and attract abundance. There is also Pink Sapphire (appreciation and gratitude),  a number of Pearls (emotional balance and fullness), Jade (good luck, prosperity and connection with nature), Lapis Lazuli (the stone of royalty in ancient times, and helps open intuitive capabilities), Sugilite (healing, purification and protection), Citrine (powerful manifestation), Carnelian (passion and creativity), Garnet (truth, faith and manifesting dreams into the physical plane), blue and green Turquoise (wisdom and wholeness), Swarovski crystal (in orange to bring in more creative fire), red and orange Coral (protection and divine feminine energy which is the creative force of the universe), Amethyst (intuition and visionary capabilities), and clear Quartz (to amplify the energy of the whole necklace). 

The third silver ring on the necklace says PROSPERITY, and a 4-leaf clover painted with mixed copper and 24k gold paint hangs about 2 inches below that.In addition to the leather, there is delicate sterling silver and 14k gold-filled twisted ring chain, and a large rose-colored silver link. There are sterling silver daisy spacers and mirror balls, 14k gold-filled nuggets and daisy spacers, as well as 22k gold vermeil cube and hammered oval bead. The closure is a large swiveling sterling silver lobster clasp and a brushed silver ring. The bounty of the universe packed into 22 inches, with a 2 inch central pendant.


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