Mother-held bracelet...

This bracelet is about being “held” and cradled in the arms of The Mother. Whether you had that kind of nurturing when you were young, or whether you are looking for it still... The Abalone shell contains a deeply feminine energy, and is connected with the energy of transformation. An abalone shell is often used in indigenous ceremonies to hold the sacred herbs (sage, sweetgrass, and cedar) for cleansing and purifying smudging ceremonies. It is the sacred container. Just as the mother is the sacred container for creation of life. And the play of pattern and color in it is extraordinary. The silver in the bracelet carries a feminine energy and a connection to the energy of the moon, in a delicate twisted ring and extra large lobster clasp, sterling silver mirror ball, and ss daisy spacers. The Labradorite is a stone of transformation and inner light; Onyx for grounding, internal strength, and self-mastery ; and Obsidian which carries you into the depths of yourself, helping to bring to the surface and resolve any underlying (subconscious) issues still at play. You are held. You are loved.     

7.5 inches when clasped. 



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