Moon Bath


Moon Bath necklace...

You know, you can actually take a Moon Bath. It’s a real thing. In most cultures the moon and women are known to be very connected. We’re connected to the ebb and flow of it’s cycles. We have the same connection with water that the moon has. And the energy of the moon works on our body in a very soothing way. Sit outside under the light of the moon, and absorb the energy, the same way you absorb the light of the sun when you’re lying on the beach. Open your heart (because the moon works with our heart), and let it in. Feel the soothing effect. This necklace was worn during some very powerful moon ceremonies, and contains the energy of a Moon Bath. Made with a liquid silver style chain (a moonstone at the clasp for intuition and dreamtime). Hanging in a cluster at the center are two silver moon charms, one hammered crescent moon and a smiling female moon face, and a piece of faceted aquamarine (connects with the sea, and assists with calming communication) , a freshwater pearl (soothing to the emotions), peruvian blue opal (assists with a calm and meditative state of being), and a sterling silver mirror ball.    18 inches

Goes well with the Moon Bath bracelet.



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